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Promoting Socio-Economic Rights and Justice for Women

The objective under this thematic area is to promote accountability for the enactment and implementation of legal and policy frameworks for women’s socio-economic justice.

Despite the legal and policy commitments in Uganda for gender equality and women’s rights, gender inequalities continue to persist. These inequalities are manifested in the increasing rights violations, growing disparity, exclusion and marginalization of women. These inequalities also have an impact on women’s economic rights like access to resources, ability to control proceeds of their labour and access to capital. Women’s economic rights are also hindered by prevailing policy frameworks and development approaches that are not pro-poor, gender responsive, inclusive or rights-based. FIDA Uganda contributes to advancing socio-economic justice for women by focusing on advocating for the establishment and effective implementation of a policy and legal framework that fosters socio-economic justice for women. FIDA Uganda also provides legal support for business registration for women in business. The organization conducts legal and policy analysis to establish the extent to which women’s social and economic rights are embedded within the law and policy, which serves as a basis for advocacy interventions. Advocacy is aimed at establishing and maintaining a pro-poor and gender-responsive legal and policy framework, aligned with regional and international commitments, that are enforced by duty bearers and supported by civic actors to ensure socio-economic justice for women.

FIDA Uganda trains traditional and cultural as well as religious leaders on women’s rights and gender equality-related issues including Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and women’s property and inheritance rights. The organization also partners with community members, including male champions, to promote positive gender perceptions and cultural practices. FIDA Uganda also networks with organisations that can provide support for economic empowerment, such as credit facilities and seed capital.

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