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Formed in 1974, the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Uganda) is a membership-based, feminist organisation, which provides legal aid services across the country through a strategic network of over 11 offices. These offices, led by a national-level office in Kampala, are supported by lawyers, FIDA-U members, Community Legal Volunteers and local authorities

As a non-governmental organisation since 1999 and also established as a professional association of women lawyers, FIDA-U represents a critical intersection of promoting the professional development of women in the justice law and order sector as well as providing essential services to those in need of legal assistance. The organization is also part of human rights, legal aid provider and NGO networks at the grass root, national and international levels.

Who we are?

FIDA, the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers Formed in 1974, FIDA-Uganda has an established track record of promoting and defending human rights, with a focus on the rights of women with children as beneficiaries of this work. As a feminist organization, FIDA-Uganda uses multiple strategies aimed at advancing law and policy reform for the protection of women including advocacy, public interest litigation and various forms of public engagement.

Advancing Gender Responsive Governance and Women’s Effective Participation in Public Life

In this thematic area, FIDA-U seeks to promote social
accountability, rule of law and gender-responsive governance at the local, national and regional levels. To achieve this objective, FIDA-U has consistently partnered with and built the capacity of women’s groups and grassroots organisations across Uganda in order to influence social accountability and the gender
responsiveness of key actors and public institutions. 2019 saw FIDA-U engaging both in the formal academic spaces regarding sexual harassment but also recognising deep-seated trauma in northern Uganda.

Promote Socio-economic Rights and Justice for Women

In this thematic area, FIDA-U works to promote accountability for the enactment and implementation of legal and policy frameworks for women’s socio-economic justice. As part of promoting women’s human rights, FIDA-U works to promote gender empowerment and equality. A significant aspect of women’s vulnerability and disempowerment is linked to lack of; or limited economic activity amongst women. Early marriages also force girls out of school, which limits their opportunities for completing their education and sustainable livelihoods.

Legal Aid services

  • Individual legal assistance: legal advice, counselling, mediation, court representation by a lawyer or paralegal

Community Outreaches

  • Community outreach: local sensitization through community legal volunteers (CLVs), lawyers and FIDA-U members


  • Community outreach: local sensitization through community legal volunteers (CLVs), lawyers and FIDA-U members
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women & justice

Enhance evidence-based advocacy, stakeholder consensus and strategic
engagement for strengthening of the regulatory frameworks protecting women

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