Enhancing Access to Justice for women

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Enhancing Access to Justice for women

To enable women in Uganda to access quality and affordable legal services as a means to achieve human rights, gender equality and sustainable development.

Our clients
Access to justice continues to be FIDA’s flagship program. In 2017, FIDA saw a dramatic increase in the number of socially and economically disadvantaged women and children needing our help. The number of registered clients increased from 5777 in 2016 to 17,460 (6,581 male and 10,879 female) in 2017, indicating a 300% increment in clients registered. Many of FIDA’ clients are youth women aged between 20 and 35 years old, mainly seeking child support services. Clients above 35 years are typically married or in relationships; and usually seek legal aid services in respect of land and property rights, including inheritance rights.

In social and economic terms, FIDA’s clients are usually persons of little or no income at all, who experience financial, cultural or literacy barriers; or geographic isolation. FIDA’s legal aid services are therefore a crucial ‘safety net’ for the most disadvantaged members of our community.
To ensure meaningful support to clients to obtain durable solutions to their legal problems, FIDA has mainstreamed a holistic approach to legal aid service delivery. This approach considers support to address
underlying factors which lead to clients demanding for legal aid.

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