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Advancing Gender-Responsive Governance and Women’s Effective Participation in Public Life

The objective under this thematic area is to promote social accountability and gender responsive governance at local, national and regional levels.

While Uganda’s international, regional and national commitments to gender equality, women’s rights and good governance are clearly articulated in law and policy, the extent to which the systems and processes, as well as the individuals in key institutions apply these commitments is far from ideal. Women occupy key positions in public institutions in both the public and private sectors at local and national level, however, their influence in these positions is often hampered by the structures and systems in these institutions, as well as negative attitudes towards gender equality and women’s rights. It is therefore pertinent that women are supported to have greater influence, particularly in decision and policy-making. FIDA Uganda is in a unique and strong position to provide such support to women because a number of its members occupy key positions in the Judiciary, Parliament, the Executive as other public bodies like the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), Equal Opportunities Commission (EoC), JLOS agencies and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). There is also a significant pool of women lawyers in civic organizations and the legal profession. In addition to promoting and supporting women’s leadership and influence, FIDA Uganda seeks to influence change in the policies, systems, structures and processes of these institutions, in order to ensure that they are pro-poor, gender responsive and recognise the importance of women’s rights.

FIDA Uganda supports women to influence decision-making by providing them with the necessary research, legal analysis and organizational ability to effectively lobby for increased accountability for women’s rights and gender equality. Under JLOS, FIDA Uganda utilizes its membership on key JLOS

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