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FIDA Uganda Membership

FIDA Uganda is a membership based organisation and as such a deliberate approach to promoting sustained engagement and active participation of FIDA members in organizational activities has been pursued over the years.

 The two spaces primarily aimed at membership engagement are Program Advisory Committee Meetings (PAC) and Members Forums. PAC’s are held each quarter have been restructured to become a platform for members to engage with partners and influence policy. The topics thereunder are chosen from each thematic area on emerging topical issues. Members Forums are spaces specifically for members to engage with each other to train and build their capacity in various areas.

How To Become a FIDA Member

Every woman who has completed their LLB is a potential FIDA Member.   Joining of the institution to become a member has a simple procedure which is by filling in a membership form with a passport photograph and payment of membership fee. The membership fee is paid annually according to the calendar. Members are also required to submit their CV’s. This will aid the organisation during selection for future activities.  

Women lawyers who left LLB less than five years ago pay shs. 50,000/= (fifty thousand shillings) and women lawyers who left LLB more than five years ago pay shs.200,000/=(two hundred thousand shillings).

Upon completion of the above, new members receive a welcome message and starting receiving emails from the FIDA secretariat about job opportunities, scholarships, changes within the judiciary, trainings and workshops, FIDA activities and events, seminars among others.

Benefits Of Being A FIDA Member

Over the years, as FIDA members interact with one another, they build a network of friends to which they can seek for help in both their private lives and their careers. FIDA specifically invites members to attend trainings, seminars, workshops, PAC’s and Member’s Forums and the FIDA AGM. 

At FIDA’s 2018 AGM, members voted in four new FIDA Board of Directors. It is a privilege of FIDA members to select from among themselves, their leadership. Currently Lady Justice Victoria Nkwanga Katamba, Resident Judge, Masaka High court is the chairperson FIDA Uganda. 

At FIDA we believe that all members are equal therefore, all FIDA members of any age can interact with one another. FIDA is a space for learning and we encourage interactions across the board between both new and old members and senior and younger members. 

There have been instances where FIDA members have received recommendations by the institution and have received scholarships to study their masters. At FIDA we support women to take up leadership positions. For example during elections, FIDA members pulled together and raised nomination fee for a fellow member. We aspire to build a strong sisterhood within Uganda. FIDA members are passionate about giving back to the communities, and being a part of FIDA ensures that we acknowledge being fortunate as we give back to improve other women’s lives.  

FIDA Uganda works through its membership to achieve its strategic objectives. Through this members are able to directly implement activities in the areas where FIDA works. FIDA also offers consultancies basing on expertise of her members time and again to keep them engaged and involved in programming. FIDA also invests in capacity building of its members on various aspects of human rights through this members attain new skills for their professional growth.

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