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Women’s Rights in Business

The Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS) project focuses on strengthening women’s protection and rights in business, aims to economically empower women and promote their economic rights to enable them to realize their full potential, shield them from vulnerability, and improve their socio-economic status. In partnership with the National Association of Women Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU), FIDA-U pursued the following outputs in Luweero:

Provision of
Holistic Legal
Aid Services for
Poor Women,
Men and

The project aims to provide indigent and vulnerable women and children with legal aid services to enforce their rights to seek legal redress for abuses such as sexual and gender-based violence; influence legislative reforms, including passing of the Legal Aid Bill and implementation of the National Transitional Justice Bill to comprehensively increase access to justice; including access to legal aid services for indigent and vulnerable women and children; influence legislative, policy, and programmatic reforms to strengthen and include better protections on women and children, including refugees’ rights; economically empower girls and women with skills for enterprise growth through FIDA Uganda’s SAME model to ensure economic independence as a method of preventing and reducing human rights abuse, including violence against women and children; and contribute to reduced tolerance of human rights abuses, such as sexual and gender-based violence, lack of access to property ownership, limited access to education opportunities, and economic opportunities among women and children.

Enhancing Access to
Justice and Legal
Protecting Women
Workers in the
Horticulture Sector

The “The Women@Work Campaign” HIVOS project titled ‘Enhancing Access to Justice and Legal Framework Protecting Women Workers in the Horticulture Sector’ seeks to enhance access to justice for labour rights violations women workers in the horticulture sector face. The project also seeks to strengthen the legislative and policy framework to effectively protect women workers in the horticulture sector in Uganda based on internationally recognized labour law standards.

Gender Just redress and accountability for war time violations in Uganda; identify and profile women
abducted during the war and children the war in northern Uganda

This project was established by a petition that was presented by formerly abducted women, girls and children born in captivity to the Parliament of Uganda. Following the war victims led campaign for
reparations in 2018, Parliament passed a motion with resolutions on 13 th February 2019. In this resolution parliament recognized the challenges of the abducted mothers and children born in captivity, and the need for special assistance by Government to address those challenges through the introduction of intervention programmes to improve the livelihood of the affected persons. This was based on the understanding that appropriate special assistance programs will effectively enhance the welfare of these vulnerable victims. It was resolved by Parliament, that  Government among others ensures the identification and profiling of affected victims and hence this project.

Enhancing Access to Quality Essential Legal Aid and Referral Services by Women and Girls Who Experience Violence and Promotion of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

This project Enhancing Access to Quality Essential Legal Aid and Referral Services by Women and Girls Who Experience Violence and Promotion of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights seeks to improve access to quality legal aid services and referral services to women and girls who experienceviolence. It also aims to increase awareness a mong community members about women’s rights, access to justice, and sexual and reproductive health rights and services in the four target districts of Kaabong, Napak, Kotido and Moroto in Karamoja region.

Norms Change

FIDA Uganda in partnership with Mercy Corps Apolou program with funding from USAID commenced an Apolou pilot project to undertake Revision of Gender Principles in Kotido District
and training Council of Elders of their Importance

The HiiL project on
the FIDA Digital

HiiL started supporting FIDA on their initiative, The FIDA Digital Kiosk in 2019, after a competitive application under the Hague Innovation for Justice Challenge 2019. The Kiosk is an information Center that focuses on bridging the information gap between communities and legal service providers. The kiosk was invented to respond to the fact that lack of legal information has for the
longest time in Uganda led to manipulation and violation of many vulnerable peoples’ rights and been a barrier to timely access to justice. The kiosk is also in a form of an IOS application to enable
clients that are able to use and afford internet to access this information.