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Community Involvement

Community-owned education involves parents, community leaders and other stakeholders to interact with school teachers, administration to enable their children to succeed. Communities are sensitized, equipped and engaged in dialogue to understand their role in creating safe, quality learning environments for learners, advocate for improvements in education facilities, and increase their involvement in their children’s education.

Goal: Active involvement of parents and communities in school activities /


  • Support formation and functioning of Community-Based Education Monitoring and Evaluation Committees (CBEMEs) to monitor implementation of school programmes
  • Organize community level barazas for discussion of education issues
  • Organise and facilitate reading camps in communities

Goal: Operational school inspection and supervision systems

  • Strengthen school management bodies
  • Initiate and implement a leadership training programme for school management committees, parent teacher associations and teachers
  • Advocate for increasing support supervision inspection, monitoring and evaluation for quality improvement

Download IEC materials developed for MHM practice in communities (Link to the Community support for girls pdf)

Key interventions for community involvement

Reusable menstrual pads
Teachers were supported to cascade RUMPs training to school children in partnership with communities, and MHM committee members. This included support to advocate for the provision of RUMPS materials and MHM activities. Consequently, school communities provided materials for making RUMPS and monetary contributions.

Monitoring performance
Capacity and skills of SMCs and PTAs to monitor education performance and resources, was improved. 403 SMCs were reached through dialogue meetings conducted in schools

Planning for quality in schools
Exit plans were made for sustainability of the schools as the project phases out. SMC, PTA members, local council and Parish Councilors of the different schools attended the planning meetings. This increased parents’ contribution towards school developments which in turn improved child enrolment in schools.

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