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Case Management Handbook for Council of the Elders

The Elders in Karamoja sub-region are held in high esteem and decisions of the Council of the Elders in cases of conflict at the community-level are considered to be binding. These Elders have the power to either embed or change cultural norms and beliefs. In order to address the perpetuation of cultural norms and practices which are harmful to women and undermine their rights, FIDA Uganda works with Elders to encourage them to underlie their decision-making on principles of human rights, dignity and equality. 

This case management handbook has been developed to aid Elders who are part of the Jie in Kotido district in mediating cases in their respective communities. By making use of this handbook and the Forms it proposes, members of Councils of Elders ought to be able to exercise their authority in a uniform way and infuse their decision-making with principles of justice, human dignity and equality of women.


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