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Formed in 1974, the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA Uganda) is a membership-based feminist organisation that provides legal aid services through a strategic network of offices reaching into 20 districts across the country. These offices, led by a national-level office in Kampala, are supported by lawyers, FIDA Uganda members, Community Legal Volunteers, and local authorities.

Since registering as a non-governmental organisation in 1999, FIDA Uganda represents a critical intersection between the promotion of professional development of women in the justice, law, and order sector and the provision of essential services. The organisation is also part of human rights protection, legal aid provision, and NGO networks at the grassroots, national, and international levels.

FIDA Uganda has an established track record of promoting and defending human rights, with a focus on the rights of women and children. As a feminist organisation, FIDA Uganda uses multiple strategies aimed at advancing law and policy reform for the protection of women including advocacy, public interest litigation and various forms of public engagement.

FIDA’s objectives, enunciated in our Strategic Plan 2015-2021, are to enable women in Uganda to access quality and affordable legal services as a means to achieve human rights, gender equality and sustainable development, to promote social accountability, rule of law, and gender-responsive governance at local, national, and regional levels, and to promote accountability for the enactment and implementation of legal and policy frameworks for women’s socio-economic justice.

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