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A CLV in Napak discussing some of the common vices that have in their community. She shares that for many families will usually find a young girl of about 14 they refer to as -Nakichologo to cater to the needs of older men.These girls are sometimes defiled by these men. @UN_Women FIDA_Uganda photo

The trainer will also take the participants through reporting and documentation as core parts of the work of CLVs and cultural leaders. @DPUganda @UN_Women @unwomenuganda @unwomenafrica @elayzabeth @Mak_SWGS

Today the training will be led by the principle probation officer of Napak district who will take the participants through basic Tenants of Human rights & gender, the karamoja cultural principles ,Gender based violence & children in contact with the law. @unwomenuganda @DPUganda

The training yesterday focused on dismantling some of the unprogressive stereotypes especially relating to women and property, women & their SRHR and children. @elayzabeth @unwomenuganda @DPUganda @DorahMafabi @namankati @UN_Women @lugya_ahmed @BrendaAtwoo

One of the participants in Ngolereit ,Napak shared that land in their region belongs to the women to cultivate but other assets like cattle belong to the men.He shares that women have been discriminated for the longest time that they are unawares that they took can own cattle.

FIDA Uganda is training Community Legal Volunteers and Cultural leaders as one of the mechanisms to bridge the gap between the communities and service providers .These groups are being equipped with basic legal knowledge and skills through there training @UN_Women @unwomenuganda FIDA_Uganda photo