Advancing Access to Justice For Women

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Through its work, FIDA (U) works for increasing access to legal justice as one of its core approaches to promoting and acheiving gender equality. With over 40 years of experience in this area, FIDA (U) has been a forerunner in providing legal services to women, men and children who are poor, marginalized or disadvantaged.

Access to Justice is one of the core objectives of FIDA–Uganda’s strategic plan 2016 2021, access to justice in this regard means access to quality and affordable legal services as a means to achieve human rights, gender equality and sustainable development. Several factors however affect access to justice for the vulnerable and impoverished women and children in Uganda including poverty, high levels of illiteracy, corruption within justice institutions, gender related barriers and weak enforcement of existing laws due to limited capacity of staff and resources.

FIDA established nine new legal aid centres in the last strategy period, bringing the total of centres to 13 by end of 2014. FIDA (U) has handled thousands of cases in the same period – 2009-2014.
FIDA (U) has also been at the forefront in advocating for legal and practice reforms in order to strengthen the legal protection frameworks and improve in the administration of justice generally and specifically to benefit women. It is a fact that where justice systems and laws implementation work well, they can provide an essential mechanism for women to realize their human rights.
However, what is also clear in Uganda and other parts of the world is that justice systems very often do not necessarily work well for women and in so doing end up reinforcing inequality.

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