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The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Uganda) is one of the leading women’s rights organizations in Uganda and the pioneer of legal aid and public legal education in sub-Saharan Africa.
Formed in 1974, FIDA-Uganda has an established track record of promoting and defending human rights, with a focus on the rights of women with children as beneficiaries of this work.
In particular, FIDA (U) seeks to promote human rights standards as established in international, regional and national human rights instruments and uses a feminist and rights based approach in order to address the underlying causes of abuse, including patriarchy, injustice and exclusion.

As a feminist organization, FIDA Uganda uses multiple strategies aimed at advancing law and policy reform for the protection of women including advocacy, public interest litigation and various forms of public engagement.
FIDA (U) also supports and monitors the Government of Uganda as the primary duty bearer to fulfil its obligation to protect and promote the human rights of women through establishing/strengthening sustainable and effective legal and structural mechanisms.
In particular, FIDA (U) also monitors the justice systems’ adherence to international human rights standards in delivering justice to women.
FIDA-Uganda has observer status with the Africa Human Rights Commission.

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The Much Needed Minimum Wage Bill 2015 has been passed into law. The Bill as passed provides for the determination of a minimum wage on the different sectors of the Economy. Much Needed and Long awaited @Parliament_Ug Extract @DailyMonitor https://t.co/lfRkTJ0Y5u FIDA_Uganda photo

SASA! which works through a comprehensive process of interrogating unequal power dynamics between men and women has been adopted by over 25 countries some of which will share their experiences today . https://t.co/WmiyHlyDXg FIDA_Uganda photo

We join our partners @RaisingVoices to learn from them about SASA - a community approach to prevent Violence against women & HIV https://t.co/KCHRVDjVGM FIDA_Uganda photo

We thank @Parliament_Ug for considering this motion and we urge government to follow this to fruition, it's long overdue. #RememberMeToo https://t.co/K28thKh6QZ

We are glad that through the #RememberMeToo Compaign we have seen this positive step towards achieving reparations for the survivors of the LRA war @UNHumanRights @OxfaminUganda @refyg https://t.co/Q3Q2Q9JBds
FIDA_Uganda photo
Parliament of Uganda @Parliament_Ug
Hon Komakech Lyandro (DP, Gulu) presents a motion for a resolution of Parliament urging Government to support former female abductees (LRA wives) and children born in captivity during the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency in Northern Uganda. #PlenaryUg https://t.co/Q4DlbrtMRN

We join Dr.Zahara Nampewo and her team at @huripecmakerere to condemn the normalization of violence, arbitrary arrests and torture which is against the Constitution of Uganda.
#HakunaMchezoReport https://t.co/mZBtqvf0Kf
FIDA_Uganda photo

Our Thematic Areas and Strategic Objectives

Enhancing Access to Justice for women

Objective: To enable women in Uganda to access quality and affordable legal services as a means to achieve human rights, gender equality and sustainable development.

Advancing gender responsive governance and women's effective participation in public life

Objective: to promote social accountability, rule of law and gender responsive governance at local, national and regional levels.

Promote social-Economic Rights and Justice for women

To promote accountability for the enactment and implementation of legal and policy frameworks for women’s socio-economic justice.


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Building Capacity of Cultural Institutions Cultural leaders stand up for land rights of vulnerable women in Northern Uganda

Rose Odongo, is a widow from a polygamous marriage living in Northern Uganda. Her husband’s death brought Rose and her two co-wives face to face with trauma again when the husband’s family members sought to evict them and their children from land they  had occupied when married, their only source of livelihood. Rose’s pleas for help to clan leaders in protecting her interest failed as clan leaders supported the common cultural practice….

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Our Operational objective priorities

To diversify and raise our income annually by 30% for greater outreach and effectiveness;

To strengthen systems and processes for effective financial management, continuous growth and integrity;

To increase staff diversity, improve rewards and enhance their capacity to effectively deliver on the strategic plan;

To strengthen communication systems and enhance FIDA Uganda’s visibility and advocacy on women’s human rights and gender equality’